Enterprise in the curriculum

What exactly do we mean by enterprise? Why is it important?

Enterprise is a mind set and a skillset. Commercial acumen, initiative, solutions-focused attitude, accountability, independence – these are all characteristics of the spirit of enterprise.   

Why does it matter?

It matters because that’s what employers want from their workforce.

Employers value these skills as well as knowledge, which is why we build them in to our culture and our curriculum. Enterprise and employability are at the heart of our teaching, learning and assessment.

This is how we do it:

5One – a redesigned curriculum model for vocational programmes where enterprise activities are embedded into teaching and learning    
Learning companies – college companies run by students  
Gazelle status – membership of the Gazelle Group of Colleges, a nationwide group of further education colleges who put enterprise at the forefront of education and training    
SweetFE – our community interest company which creates and promotes enterprise opportunities across the College 

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