Teaching, Teaching Assistants and Training

Teaching someone a new skill and watching them go on to master it can be an amazing experience. Just ask the staff at our college!

Our qualifications can help you build on those great moments and take them even further.

We get to the core of the subject and give you practical, valuable information.  Employability skills and enterprise are our top priorities. 

One of our extra qualifications can make a big difference to your career as a:

  • School teacher
  • Teaching assistant
  • Assessor in the workplace
  • Lecturer in college or university
  • Teaching English in another country

Our staff uses the latest approaches and methods to teaching. They have plenty of experience working in schools, colleges and higher education, so they know what information is really useful.

Teaching can make a difference to people’s lives. We can help you progress your career in this worthwhile area. Get involved today.


Part-time Vocational
Full-time Vocational
Full-time Vocational
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