Are you fascinated by how things work?

If so, become an engineer. With us.

Engineering is a huge industry and 2.74 million job openings are forecast by 2020. Our programmes give you an excellent all-round introduction to engineering.

You learn all about mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering before you choose an area you want to specialise.

Computer design, construction, transport, motor vehicle, energy, aviation, sport – engineers work in many fields. Areas include:

  • mechanical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • computer-aided engineering (CAD/CAM – computer-aided design/manufacturing)
  • management and research
  • armed forces

There are many top-end engineering companies and apprenticeship opportunities in the local area. You’re in a great position to progress your career.

See which of our programmes suits your skills and engineering ambitions.


Part-time Vocational
Full-time Vocational
Part-time Vocational

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